Venture Fund and Cannabis Business Accelerator

Cannaobe Ventures focuses on both domestic and international investments across the legal cannabis industry and related business verticals.

As we look to the future of global health, we recognize that only by harnessing the power of innovative ideas around the world will we be able to foster the new ideas, collaborations, and strategies that are needed to achieve lasting solutions to the world’s toughest health challenges.

We’re focused on high-growth opportunities across the entire cannabis industry, including Infrastructure Technology, Data Services, Marketing Tech, FinTech, Health Sciences and Retail.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
- Einstein

From business diagnosis to strategy design, technology and marketing, execution and funding, we help cannabis companies transform and accelerate exponentially.


Leverage our unique idea-to-exit ecosystem to build exceptional companies.


Strategic planning and future forward technology are hallmarks of Cannaobe Ventures


A team of experienced and trusted advisors are here for you.


Business diagnosis to strategy design, execution and funding.